ERP Solutions

ERP plays a great role in the reduction of risk and also it improves the financial performance of the company. The most important feature provided by ERP solution is that it provides accurate information to the employees, so that they can take decisions faster for the better future of the organization. Not only that, but ERP programming eliminates repetitive procedures, which helps in reducing the expense of doing business overall.

Bthrust have ERP professionals that have years of experience, which help companies to automate their business work which eventually increases the profit of the company. To maintain the organized workflow environment, we are availing you customized ERP solution that is easily adaptable to any environment. We also provide ERP training service that means, we will make you understand about each and every critical detail, so that it won’t be difficult for you to understand the ERP software working. After a long period, when the changes start growing into a company it becomes difficult to maintain the ERP system, so there is an ERP life cycle that is used whenever it is required to modify the software according to the company’s need.

Bthrust ERP services have been molded well through important client criticism and are being cleaned further by years of involvement in programming usage and arrangements customization. Bthrust ERP expands execution and adaptability by concentrating on simplicity in deployment, maintenance and client experience. We will keep on working hard to give the best in innovation and client administration, supporting our customers with the most innovative answers to improve their business.

The ERP solutions provided by BThrust to the industry are:

  • Building and Construction
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine Engineering
  • Rental and Service
  • Waste Management
  • Field Service Management

ERP solutions