HTTP vs. HTTPS: Understand What's Good for the SEO of Your Website

SEO is a combination of three letters that always sparks interest from website and business owners. Creating a visually pleasing website and putting content on it isn't the entire thing; making your website rank at the top of Google results is the real deal. Today, many beginners create their websites, hoping it would soon bag their dollars, only to find out that the real struggle is SEO! Hence, it's essential for you to know about ways that can help you manage your SEO.

SEO articles and guides may convince you that it's all about integrating a few keywords, optimizing your content to be audience-oriented, and that's it; you may call it a day. However, that's not the real case. Search Engine Optimization expands well above content strategy and keywords.

We are an SEO agency in Singapore loves that knows the depth of the field. We talk about it every day. We analyze how it functions and create strategies to get the best out of it. Therefore, we can tell you exactly what you need to know about it. This blog isn't about some old-age tips and strategies that won't even work today!

Our experts are always hitched onto researching the field. This is the reason we are familiar with the nitty-gritty that others haven't even located. However, over the years, the way you work around the search engine has greatly changed. It has revamped itself to be far more smart and intelligent than it ever used to be! Hence, managing your SEO in line with what the search engine demands are essential!

Before we get into specifics, let's just clear the importance of SEO for a new or old website. Search engine optimization refers to optimizing different dynamics of a site to ensure that it ranks at the top of search results. This enhances the chances that people will visit your website, interact with your offerings, read your content and make your website perform better. The better the site performance is, the higher the odds of converting prospects into leads into customers.

In this blog article, we will help you decide between http and HTTPS to attain better website performance and make SEO work in your favor.

Beginners Understanding About HTTP and HTTPS

HTTP was the gold standard for a good part of internet history. However, then came 2014 when Google decided to make websites use HTTPS and fostered its use by benefiting sites with HTTPS over HTTP.

HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a communication portal between different systems. It connects the web browser to a server, helping retrieve information for display. This is essential as it loads up websites on your screens. One of the biggest drawbacks of using HTTP has been its aging factor! The fact that it didn't offer any kind of encryption doomed it to a downfall.

HTTPS is a different communication portal that encrypts the information shared across your browser and the server. This means, using HTTPS, the information that's sent across your computer and server cannot be stolen. It does it by using SSL that forms a stable and secure connection between the two points.

What Is The Biggest Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS?

HTTPS can be considered as an enhanced version of HTTP. This is due to SSL that ensures that your valuable data, such as credit card information, passwords, etc., aren't exposed to cyber-attacks.

The role of SSL is to encrypt the data shared across the browser and server by putting it into code that cannot be broken down very easily. This means even if someone successfully steals the information at a point between the two locations, he won't know what exactly it means.

TLS is also an important part of HTTPS. It ensures that the information you give is channeled safely to the right web address, curtailing the chances of data alteration or changes.At end of the day, all you really need to know is that HTTPS is far more secure than HTTP.


Which One Should I Use, HTTP Or HTTPS?

If you have an eCommerce store or a website collecting valuable user data, then you should choose HTTPS by all means. There shouldn't be any debate!

HTTPS is often preferred for SEO because it gives the satisfaction that your website is safe and secure to use. People value their privacy and data security the most. If they know for sure a certain website isn't letting anyone else collect data, they are more likely to visit it again and spend more time on it. This increases your audience retention, helping you tailor your content to address their requirements and needs.

Coupling this with Google's patronage for HTTPS sites, you have a killer reason to choose HTTPS.

What Are The Key Benefits Of HTTPS?

Wins confidence

If people have taken the courtesy of clicking on your URL, you must ensure their satisfaction and leave a lasting impression. If you have a green HTTPS symbol next to your website URL, they will feel safe browsing around your website. They will interact with your site more and come

Googles Love for HTTPS

Google, due to obvious reasons, wants to be the king of all search engines. That's why it openly prefers sites with HTTPS, helping them rank better and appear more on search results. This helps Google portray how it cares about its users. You must take full advantage of this and move to HTTPS if you are still stuck with HTTP.


Google's AMP optimizes your website for an enhanced smartphone internet experience. It does that by reducing your website loading times and making the content appear pronounced on a small phone screen. However, AMP works for HTTPS sites only.

Today, most people use their phones to search for things online. Some of them are your prospects! You cannot simply let them go by sticking with HTTP; hence transition towards HTTPS is always welcomed!

How Does SSL Assist With SEO

Website traffic

Because of Google's love for HTTPS sites, there are always greater chances of bagging more website traffic. For instance, if your website appears at the top of results and contains that green symbol next to its URL, people will be more inclined to click on it. As a result, your click-through rates improve.


Security and Privacy are some of the top human needs, without which we cannot survive! Making your prospects land on your website and ensuring their peace of mind by incorporating HTTPS will enhance the odds of converting them into customers!

As a business owner, conversion is the ultimate goal. Therefore, you must consider HTTPS big time if you are still using HTTP.

When it comes to SEO Singapore companies have always approached Bthrust for top-notch optimization strategies. We help our customers find different growth opportunities so that they can expand their businesses, taking them to the next level! Our talented and highly skilled staff is always there to locate your SEO needs and offer the best possible solutions.

How to Transition Towards HTTPS?

The transition towards HTTPS isn't particularly cumbersome. But, it can require quite some time to be done! You need to get an SSL certificate and install it. Plus, you need to get a lot of things about your web pages done, such as updating robots.txt files, code libraries, and CDN SSL settings. You also have to update existing redirects and select OCSP stapling.


SEO is a field that keeps on expanding! It demands you to remain innovative to stay relevant and compete with others. A shift towards HTTPS is almost an inevitable thing, without which you cannot survive for long. The benefits it offers are far too great to be ignored!


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