Intranet Development

What is Intranet?

Intranet is a private network which is accessible only to an organization's staff through any part of the world. It is used in organization as a medium of sharing data and information with other members of organization. Intranet can include many interconnected LANs and WANs. Intranet can offer many business benefits: -

  • Security: Intranet is private and secured, information or data shared is within interconnected members in Intranet.
  • Ease in Communication: Intranet allow ease and improved internal communication
  • Centralized Database: Intranet allow to use it as a centralized database from where any interlinked member can fetch data anytime.

Intranet Development

Why a business enterprise should use Intranet?

Being secured and very much economical to maintain, Intranet is always a lucrative for a business. As per a research conducted by Harvard Business School for increase in every single employee engagement, the returns on investment can be thousands fold, that's the business potential of using Intranet-as-a-service. Intranet can help achieve some business outputs: -

  • Increase in productivity of employees
  • Increase in employee engagement
  • Better and effective communication with almost nil miscommunication
  • Time saving of employees by avoiding emails for communication or for getting data
  • Business become more profitable
  • As productivity of employees increase, company make more profits in lesser time, company give more increment to employees, employees are overall happy and they give their best to outperform for the company and ultimately company's end customer are more satisfied which also means more business to the company.