With more than two billion active users Facebook is the biggest social networking website and represent the biggest platform for social media marketing. Two billion active users which account to more than 25% of world's population, it also represent huge customer database for all companies. There are many start-ups and few small-scale companies who are getting maximum proportion of business through FB marketing only. There are currently more than 35 million companies have their business page in Facebook.

In this present world of business, you can’t afford to be oblivious to the immense power of Digital Marketing. In fact, it is one of the reasons why Myanmar has had excellent improvement in various business sectors over the years. Social media marketing companies have been rising in numbers these days which is a clear indication of the kind of emphasis laid upon Digital Marketing. For a business to acclimatize to the high competition and taste unimaginable success, it’s quite important to find the best Social media agency to assist it with consistent Social Media optimization. BThrust happens to be a well-known Facebook ad agency with excellent Social media marketing services to give your business the kind of elevation that you have always longed for.

In fact, a lot of businesses have already been benefitted to a very large extent by Facebook marketing services and with a reliable Company like BThrust, you can rest assured of a brilliant optimization in the quickest possible time. It is certainly commendable about the way business men in Myanmar see business growth and optimization these days. In fact, they have begun to greatly realize the worth of Facebook advertising services and also, they can see unimaginable results produced by these services.

The Social Marketing Agency, BThrust has a brilliant track record of being the most reliable and result oriented advertising agency in Myanmar for the past many years. What gives it a leading edge over its competitors is the fact that it has always believed in using its services and its years of experience in various combinations for various companies.

Of course, Social Media Marketing revolves around comprehending the choice or taste of the Social Media traffic, developing relevant contents and providing them with exactly what they would like to see. However, the work is pretty complex than what it seems to be. The Facebook marketing agency, BThrust has the most competent staffs who, not only have years of experience but are also, extremely thorough with every advanced social media optimization techniques. Also, they are well equipped with the most advanced tools.

The Social media marketing agency has the most result oriented approach towards Social media marketing. If you are business men and you think, it’s time for your business to capitalize on Social Media Marketing, choosing Facebook advertising Company, BThrust is certainly the best thing you can do as with a brilliant Facebook marketing company like BThrust, you can simply sit back, relax and expect the fastest social media optimization of your business website.


Facebook have plenty of marketing tools from free to paid. Generally, a normal marketing person is not aware of how to use each and every function of Facebook marketing and to make most out of it. At BThrust, we assure you that we are making full use of Facebook marketing opportunity, below are few advantages of working with BThrust:-

  1. Business Facebook Setup
  2. Manage all posts and ads daily
  3. Assurance of number of clicks, likes and visitors (depend on package)
  4. Detailed analytic reports monthly
  5. Save your valuable time to focus on other productive business activities