SEO or the Search engine optimization is certainly one of most extensively used digital marketing techniques. Basically, it deals with increasing the organic traffic for websites. However, there is one thing for sure that it is the least expensive yet most effective online marketing option available these days.

SEO is a long process with a lot of optimization techniques involved in it. It certainly requires a lot of patience and of course, dedication. Most importantly, it requires the right mix of tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, gathering and processing of data and more.

In this post, we are going to share 8 of the most powerful SEO tools that can largely help you increase your website ranking. So, let’s get to the tools now...

#1- Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free web service by Google that gives webmasters the ability to monitor and maintain their sites’ performance and indexing status. It also determines the following:

● Queries used that lead end users to their site
● The comparative execution of various questions
● The various sites that link to the website
● The extent to which the website is compatible with mobile devices

#2 – Google Keyword Planner

This is again a very useful yet free tool by Google. It helps users with their keyword research no matter what niche one is looking for. Most importantly, the tool helps in the following ways:

● Provides information for new and existing keywords
● Shows invaluable historical statistical and traffic forecast data
● Shows estimations in clicks and conversions
● Guide you about the bids and budgets for campaigns

#3 – Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool by Google is a perfect tool to monitor how good a site is performing and also, monitor the areas where it is falling short. One can then work on the areas that need improvement and get one’s site rank higher.

Most importantly, it comes with a pretty user-friendly and customizable dashboard that displays up-to-date and real-time statistics. Some of the important aspects that you can view using this brilliant tool are:

● Number of active users
● Type of users (New vs. Returning)
● Demographics (Age and Gender)
● Geographical Location
● User Behavior
● Technology Utilized
● Users Flow
● Conversions
● Network Referrals
● Content
● Traffic Sources

#4 – Moz Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Explorer or KWE is one of the most used and also, a leading SEO tool. You can obtain valuable information by simply entering the keyword or the root domain or a page URL. The tool helps users capitalize on the most accurate keywords for their websites.

Just like the other advanced SEO tools, Moz has a few advanced features that can be availed only by choosing the paid version. However, the features that it offers with the free account are quite useful and powerful too.

● Here are features of the Moz Keyword Explorer:
● Deep and accurate keyword research
● Offers various metrics essential to the SEO decision making process used by top SEO agency.
● KWE’s volume score is exceptionally accurate
● Keyword suggestions inside KWE come from the best sources
● Import and export functionality is strongly supported.

#5 – Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is certainly one of the most common tools that marketers use these days. It can be very powerful if used in the appropriate way. What it does is help you find the most trending topics for content development and in some cases, it may work even better than a paid campaign. After all, it is always the content that wins the game, right?

The tool helps you find relevant trending topics to any niche. That way, you can develop the most relevant content and make it visible to the ones looking for it really fast. Of course, content needs to be pretty relevant with the right mix of the most powerful keywords as well.

#6 – Spyfu

The Spyfu which is also known as the Googspy works pretty much like Google's Keyword Planner and Moz' Keyword Explorer. However, it offers a lot of metrics pertaining to keywords, search volume, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and ranking difficulty and more.

One of its most powerful features is the fact that it can provide you with keyword data of your own campaign as well as that of your competitor.

#7 – Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of those free SEO tools that internet marketers have been using for quite a while now. The tool has been recently acquired by the digital marketing expert, Neil Patel. There are many advantages of using this tool. Here are a few of them:

● Keyword Suggestions: It shows up the volume, competition, seasonal trends and even negative keyword and filtering have been made available completely for free.
● Keyword Difficulty: It shows up how hard/expensive certain keywords would be with an emphasis on the competitiveness of keywords and phrases.
● Competitive Intelligence: It displays data determining who ranks for what keywords.

#8 – Siteliner

Siteliner is a one of a kind tool that diagnoses websites and shows up the various issues in it that might affect its performance and search engine ranking. A few of the areas it checks are duplicate content, broken links, and page power.


Although there is no denying the fact that there are a lot of free and paid SEO tools available in the market, it is always wise to stick to only a few effective tools that you find most comfortable to use. Working with a lot of tools can get things a lot messy. Also, choose a tool after you fully understand the way it works.

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