Professional Contract Management


Bthrust’s professional contract management solutions permit you to concentrate on what you do best, while we deal with the organization work. With our service, we ensure you complete risk free technological environment for you while you're busy with contracting.

We offer a no-risk structure for your contract engagements, so you profit from adaptable invoicing and finance solutions to manage your contract revenue. We offer wide range of financial services and wealth management advice to help you make the most of your money and ensure the continuity in IT support for the business.

Managed Infrastructure Services

IT Consulting Services

Bthrust as a managed infrastructure service provider, our way to deal with infrastructure services is procedures and innovation. At first, we find out about our clients' difficulties after that we utilize our imagination and specialized skill to plan a proper and successful response. You can concentrate on your business while we deal with your framework with the innovation, equipment, and system to guarantee your frameworks are always running at optimal performance.

We offer end-to-end Managed Infrastructure Services that help companies accomplish an enhanced, secure, and versatile IT infrastructure. With our 24x7 managed infrastructure services, you can easily get the efficient infrastructure, application checking and administration services. We monitor your applications, servers, databases, and coordinate with our system checking and transfer speed usage; we can quickly troubleshoot any related issues.

Managed Relocation Services


Bthrust do careful planning and have experience to execute it successfully which required for successful data centre relocation. Our managed relocation service gives cost effective and a proven method for the relocation of non-critical frameworks. The administration is conveyed by our Project Manager, Technical Consultants and our Transportation Team who have specialized experience of both small and large scale movement.

Protect your business by hiring us to help you arrange and deal with your IT relocation. We have the specialized staff to help you in reducing risk and providing managed relocation services in an effective manner. Our Enterprise IT Relocation Service gives a demonstrated way to deal and manage relocation of both basic and non-basic frameworks.

Maintenance Services

IT Consulting Services

We cover a full scope of IT related gear, including Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Data Center Servers, and Storage hardware. We can likewise give maintenance of Network and Audio Visual equipments. Our occurrence and issue administration frameworks, best practice procedures and specialized expertise sets offer cost effective IT maintenance services.

Bthrust have built up an extensive range of IT Support and Maintenance Services that manage our clients changing needs. We provide maintenance services range from break fix to parts replacement; here you can get the solution of all your problems.

Data Centre Outsourcing Services


Bthrust provide data center outsourcing services which is designed to give a customized outsourcing solution to meet your needs. You choose the platform, the product, the utilization level and level of support that your business needs. Through it all, you hold control of your information, applications and framework programming.

By offering adaptable services, it gives a practical outsourcing solution to help meet changing business environment, support development and ensure your current innovation investments.

Bthrust utilizes demonstrated innovation to deliver quick, solid, security-rich system services to you. Our data outsourcing services gives an outsourcing solution that allows you to adapt your technical terms to your varying business requirements. You can achieve this objective without causing the expense of extra equipment and programming, helping to reduce your risk of technology and minimizing the requirement for capital investment.

Unique Reliable It Outsource Company

IT Consulting Services

Many BPO companies outsource work that does not require much skill. A company that tries to use outsourced IT services reap a lot of benefits from other companies. IT outsourcing services however controls the outlay of capital income in the initial stage, but with the developments of IT support outsourcing, the business becomes more appealing to clients and customers all over. The network services improve and get benefits that produce revenues. Other services we provide are unlimited ad hoc & IT support from trusted and reliable IT companies.

We, with help from trusted outsourced IT support service providers offer manpower solutions and recruitments right from skilled to unskilled technicians, supervisor, engineers, etc. contact our company BThrust for further details and all your inquiries regarding your outsourcing.

Outsourcing IT services help in reducing operating costs as procurement, installation, or the management of your IT is not your concern. You will not have to hire employees, all these services are provided by an outsourced provider. This will help you broaden your resource pool & expose your company to talent from across the globe. IT outsourcing services ensure only able workers for the job, having proper certification & specialized capabilities to fit all your needs while decreasing the chances of technology downtime. Risks like data loss and cyber attacks are less likely to occur with an outsourced IT service team working for you.

With your in-house IT team working fixed hours, there is little to no room for users of your website to receive assistance outside of these working hours. With advanced outsourced IT service, your customers can avail 24/7 support all year round. This avoids damage to your status-quo with users as a lack of support from your end may push them to look for alternate solutions. Your team can give their 100% on more significant issues while our IT services give their 100% in other activities.

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