Digital Marketing

There are lots of confusion between Digital marketing and SEO, later is just part of Digital marketing and not a single Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore will be telling this to customers. Digital Marketing is the most in trend and preferred way of marketing when compared with traditional ways of marketing through pamphlets, newspapers etc. Digital marketing is a broad term that includes marketing in all channels and platforms (online and offline). Internet marketing or online marketing involves use of website, emails and other online marketing tools to market the product or services. Internet marketing is actually a part of Digital marketing. Almost all companies make use of online or say internet marketing in Singapore. Below is list of all marketing channels that comes under Digital marketing: -

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Mobile Marketing

It's the only one of the major off-line marketing tool that comes under Digital marketing, otherwise most of the marketing channels are subset of internet marketing or say online marketing. It includes mass messaging to the prospects. It is most common in business to customer sales.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also one of the effective way of marketing specially for those who don't have websites. People can make their business profiles in facebook, twitter or many other social networking websites and they can market their product or service either through paid or free campaigns.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way of marketing your product or services as it helps provide genuine leads. For this mass emailing is done to many email ids either using server or multiple email accounts. This though require patience and majority of people just overlook anonymous emails but has proved to be one of the most important marketing campaign.

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PPC/Google AdWords

Google alone accounts for more than 70% of total searches globally. Marketing in Google actually make sense to most of businesses. Google allow to run AdWords campaign on pay per click basis. Google place your website on top of the topmost searches. Cost for AdWords is decided by competitiveness of keyword.

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Video/YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google so marketing your product using YouTube is preferred. YouTube is also owned by Google, so any marketing through YouTube actually helps improving your rankings in Google search engine. Companies generally create videos featuring testimonial of their clients, any advertisement of their product and services etc.