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Are you struggling to get more traffic to your blog? Do you wish that Google would finally notice your efforts? Or do you want to discover topics that are just so exciting that your readers just keep hooked? Well, whatever your situation, it is time to sharpen your keyword research skills.

Back in the early days of our blog, we used to create posts about subjects we thought our readers would like. We never asked them what they wanted to read about, and we didn’t bother with any keyword research.

Now, I know you have a question: Are SEO keywords so crucial! Right?

Yes! SEO keyword research is a game-changer. They are like magnets that bring people to your website without pay. This is what we call free traffic! It helps you create content that people are actively looking for, stuff they want and need. When you pick the right keywords, your content becomes discoverable on Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

So, how do you find these magical keywords? That is what this blog is about! We are going to talk about the best keyword research tools 2023, free and paid.

But wait, there's more!

We don't rely on just one tool because each has its unique strengths. So, here are the best keyword research tools 2023 for bloggers.

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools Every Blogger Should Consider

Some of the tools listed below come at no cost, while others require payment:

1. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is like a super tool for people who want their websites to do better in search engines like Google. It has a feature that helps you find good words to use on your website. These words are important because they can bring more people to your site.

One of its best features is the keyword tool. It helps you find words and phrases that people are searching for on Google. This is important because if you use these keywords, you might get more people to your website.

It's not just about words. Ahrefs also tells you how strong other websites are on the internet. This helps you know who you are up against. So, Ahrefs helps you pick the best keywords, check out your competition, and get more links to your website. It’s like your secret weapon for winning the web!


Ahrefs provides four pricing tiers:

  • Lite at $99/month
  • Standard at $199/month
  • Advanced at $399/month
  • Enterprise at $999/month

2. SEMrush


SEMrush is like a super helper for your website! It helps you to find the words people use to search for stuff. Also, it makes us aware of how popular these words are.

Additionally, it checks how your website is compared to others. Every week it notifies that you are working better or not. And if website face any kind of technical issue then this tools will help you and notify the issues and you can fix it before it's a problem.

It can also look at the links pointing to the site and find really specific keywords that people use. Basically, it’s like a secret weapon for our business! You know, it does cost a bit, but it is a really helpful tool.


  • Semrush generously offers a free trial
  • Pro: $119.95/month
  • Guru: $229.95/month
  • Business: $449.95/month

3. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a tool created by Neil Patel, a famous digital marketer. This tool helps you find important words that are in online searches. It shows you how many times these words are searched for each month. Not only this, but also shows you which websites are doing well with these words.

To use it, simply type a word into the box and hit “Search” — Ubersuggest provides a list of related keywords. Sort them by usability. You can also hover over a word to see more about it, like how much it’s searched for, and what its popularity trajectory is. This will give the best words to use when speaking to your target audience online.


  • Free Trial Option is Available
  • Individual at $12.00 per month.
  • Business at $20.00 per month.
  • Enterprise / Agency at $40.00 per month.

4. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool to find the search phrases people use on the web. It’s part of Google Ads, which assists firms in selecting the most appropriate keyword for their online presence. The core functionality is known as “Discover New Keywords” in this tool, where you can put in your website-related keywords. Then it presents you with connected word choices. It shows monthly search volumes and how many enterprises are trying to acquire them from you.

This allows you to know what keywords drive traffic without being too competitive or costly. Therefore, it helps you choose the right keywords for your website and business.


Keyword Planner is the best free keyword research tool, but it is a tool that is available only for holders of a Google Ads account.

5. SpyFu


With the use of SpyFu you can learn from your competitors and find their best-converting keywords and ads! Try it out for free, without even logging in. Enter any website you want to test for instant results. If you want to look elsewhere, you just sign up for free and login.

The great thing about SpyFu is that it keeps old data. This means you can track how your site or your competitor's site has changed in rankings for specific keywords over time. You can also compare the working strategies with others in your industry.

If you are keen on studying your competition, SpyFu is one of the best keyword research tools for understanding SEO. It aims to provide businesses insights into their rival's profitable keywords, PPC strategies, backlinks, and more.


You will get Unlimited Data and Downloads, no matter what plan you choose, you'll get unlimited access to all the SpyFu data you want.

  • Basic Plan - $33/month
  • Professional Plan - $48/month
  • Unlimited Plan - $68/month

6. AnswerThe Public

answer public

AnswerThePublic is a tool that helps you find words related to a topic you are interested in. It's good for SEO and keywords for new people. You don't even have to make an account. Just type a topic and it shows you lots of related words in a good visual way. You can also see them in a list or save them to your computer.

These are Google and Bing words, the words that come when you start typing in the search bar. You can click on any of the these to see what Google search results show up. It can also tell you if there are special, highlighted results.

If you are a blogger, you can use the free version. Also, you might consider the paid version.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Individual: $9/month, $99 lifetime
  • Pro: $99/month, $79/month (paid annually)
  • Expert: $199/month, $149/month (paid annually)

7. Long Tail Pro

long tail pro

Like other top keyword tools, Long Tail Pro gives you a glance at your keyword. It shows you how you rank against others on the first page of Google.

You can use it to check the top results for your keyword. This will help you understand where you stand against your competitors.

Also, you can give keywords you want it to track, and it will track the performance of your content for those keywords over time. Thus, it allows you to keep track of your position and see whether you’re going up or down on the scoreboard.


  • Starter plan: $37/month (800 daily keyword lookups)
  • Pro plan: $67/month (2500 daily keyword lookups)
  • Annual plans also available.
  • Free 10-day trial.

8. Soovle


Soovle is like the Swiss Army knife of keyword search tools. It searches for many search engines like Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, and YouTube — and grabs the suggestions that people make when they enter a query.

It's the best free keyword research tool and also easy to use. You enter your word and it gives you suggestions from all these areas. Clicking on a recommendation will reveal what others are searching for. Also, you can change the search engine using the right arrow key.


  • Free to Use

9. seoClarity

seo clearity

seoClarity is the another one best keyword research tools 2023 which ultimate super helpful to make your website more awesome on the internet! It’s over half of all search engine queries typed in the world with roughly 30 Billion words. And adds one billion words every month!

One of its cool features helps you find special words that Google doesn't show you. These words can make your website more popular. Additionally, seoClarity uses Google’s word suggestions, so you know you’re getting top-notch word suggestions to use on your website.


  • seoClarity is a paid subscription tool, with pricing at $3,000 per month.
  • Profession Plan start at $4,500/month
  • Custom pricing based on number of keyword search queries

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10. Keywords Everywhere

banner seo

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome browser add-on. It looks like a super helper for people who want to make their websites more popular on the search engines.

With google trends Keywords Everywhere, you can find the best words to use on your website. It also tells you what words your competitors are using. As you browse the internet, Keywords Everywhere displays related keywords alongside your search results. Moreover, it offers real-time data on Google and YouTube trending topics.

If you have a business that advertises on YouTube, Keywords Everywhere is perfect. It helps you see what videos are popular on YouTube and what words to use in your videos. This way, you can make videos that more people will like.


  • Keywords Everywhere is a freemium online marketing research browser extension, available for Chrome and Firefox
  • Starting Price: $1.2/month 100,000 credits/years
  • Silver Plan: $4/month 400,000 credits/years
  • Gold Plan: $20/month 2 million credits/years
  • Platinum Plan: $40/month 8 million credits/years

Winding It Up!

We understand that not everyone has the time to look for the right words. It is difficult to find the best keyword research tools on their own. These all tools have expertise to take care of your online marketing and make sure your company shows up at the top of Google.

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