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Our SEO consultants work hard to provide the most elite SEO services in Singapore to make it easier for people to find you online. Allow us to make your website stand out and rank higher on search engines. We have the most result-oriented SEO service agency. No one can overlook the significance of organic traffic in any business and we can get your website more organic traffic with our ethical SEO services in Singapore.

Our SEO consultants:

  • Plan out a variety of distribution strategies to produce quality traffic and push page views up.
  • We provide SEO marketing in Singapore to attract eyeballs onto your content and SEO Campaigns.
  • Educate your visitors on what your business is all about and what is your USP that makes it better from others.
  • Provide a positive user experience for a consumer which leads to improvement of your search engine rankings.
  • Never treat content as a simple carrier for keywords and offer the best SEO solutions, something that your audience can benefit from.

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is the first huge step towards the SEO of a website. Our SEO team gets into every minute details of your website to check how SEO friendly it is. Before actually starting the actual SEO process, we first check if everything about your website is perfectly SEO friendly

This comprises checking the permalink settings, checking the site’s loading time on all the device platforms, checking the meta description, checking if its sitemap has been submitted on all important the search engines, checking how SEO friendly is the theme in use, if the site is AMP enabled, checking if the website has any plugin conflicts and more.


After we complete our SEO Audit, it gives us a pretty clear picture of a website’s SEO friendliness. We, then, work on the various aspects that need to be improved and this may comprise sitemap submissions, modifying the permalink setting, minifying the HTML, CSS and JavaScript and using cache purgers to improve the site’s speed, compressing the images, suggesting a better and lite theme in case the site is being slowed down by the theme, enabling AMP, removing the unnecessary plugins and more.

Most importantly, we ensure that we don’t ever hamper the layout and design of your website in any way during the audit despite the fact that we have to make certain changes in your website.


Research is the most important phase of our SEO wherein we do elaborate research of the content ideas that are highly relevant to your site and also, are pretty much trending. We first find some relevant content development ideas or topics and then, choose the ones that are trending well over the past 12 months.

Also, we create a content clustering model to present the contents in a more meaningful way on the website. Apart from this, we find the best keywords in terms of monthly searches and competition to infuse in the contents.

On/Off SEO

We have the most organized and effective On-page and Off-page SEO in all aspects to get you a massive amount of organic traffic. Our on-page SEO comprises competitor analysis, developing rich contents, sharing rich domain links, using powerful LSI keywords in the contents, permalinks and meta description and, of course, maintaining the right keyword density.

Our Off-page SEO is equally effective and can be pretty useful in helping your website earn a lot of rich backlinks. This comprises sharing relevant posts on social media, directory submissions, commenting on various Q and A forums such as Quora and Reddit, and more.


We completely understand how important it is for every business to improve its sales and this is the reason that we only emphasize on getting your website the right organic traffic that has a great possibility to buy your products or services. We do it by studying the various signals of the traffic. Most importantly, we are pretty good at creating a huge demand for your products or service through our contents.

Over the years, our SEO has proved to be pretty effective for many businesses in accelerating their sales. A lot of businesses rely on us and we always do our best for them.

SEO Features


Free Technical Audit

We analyze all the previous SEO related issues on your website by going through 100s of pages. We work hand in hand to improve your website ranking and your company’s standing.

Targeting Systems

We achieve the best possible SEO ranking for targeted keywords on your website to ensure growth.

Risk-Free Site Audit

BThrust offers risk-free site audit & risk-free discovery calls. We have the most qualified professionals to provide you with high-quality SEO services.

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Free Keyword Suggestion

Being the best SEO service provider in Singapore, we offer top-notch services and provide you with keywords that will be best suited for your business optimization needs that, we the best SEO agency in Singapore can fulfill.

Content Submission

We post content and share your URL across several search engines and directories for SEO in Singapore and deliver impactful results.

Internal Links Optimization

We provide hyperlink, that point at the same domain as the domain that the link exists on which let the user to easily navigate through the website to achieve the SEO results.

Client's SEO Results

We not only emphasize on website top ranking but also keep in mind the conversion of the website.

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We used to spent over thousands of dollars every month on marketing expenses such as pay per clicks just to drive our business. After engaging with BThrust, we understand the important of SEO which allow us to save more in long run. We are very happy to engage with BThrust for our SEO services.

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BThrust assists us with SEO. They provide us with proper monthly updates. They also assists us with managing of our company website. They always give prompt response.

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See results within months! After we approached BThrust for SEO, our keywords rankings improved by leaps and bounds. It took a while to climb to first page but their methods used have been effective. Also, George took care of our account well; thank you for your professionalism and courteous nature. I can confidently recommend BThrust’s services to any businesses.

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Overall, we are happy with the service. Updates were regular and most importantly Bthrust is able to deliver what were committed in the beginning. Will definitely recommend Bthrust’s services to my close contacts.

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Our years of experience help us use the right mix of various SEO techniques to improve your site’s ranking. Also, we follow a very methodical approach and leave no space for any errors. Our methodical approach leads to fast and accurate results.


Our SEO Strategists choose the most appropriate and powerful keywords and also, infuse them with the most relevant and engaging contents to rank your posts and pages higher on the search engines for a long time.


We analyze every aspect of your competitor’s website deeply to comprehend the things that are contributing to its success and we blend them carefully with our advanced techniques to give your website a leading edge.


We rank amongst the best SEO company in Singapore as we provide quality services while ensuring no violation of any search engine guidelines. We use ethical & only the best SEO techniques to produce long-lasting results for your website.

Allow us to raise your website’s ranking

We provide the best SEO services in all of Singapore, to start the magic: reach out to us.

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