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Although a lot of users might already know it, a recent tweet by Google spokesperson, John Mueller has made it clear that adding and removing the noindex setting on URLs quite frequently might get Google a little confused and slow it down to an extent that it may not index that page over again. Subsequently, this will adversely affect the page's performance on the search engine.

Also, he said that one can, of course, use noindex as items are sold out from the stock and one refill one's stock with items back again but using it too often is a terribly bad choice for sure. According to him there is absolutely nothing wrong in applying noindex for a page that one doesn't want search engines to index but it is important to bear in mind that one ought to maintain great consistency when it comes to this sort of setting and one shouldn't change the index and noindex settings often to keep things really simple for the Google crawlers.

It is a little funny though but "Pornyness" is a ranking factor too

A recent update by Google's webmaster trends analyst, Gary Illyes has been a little erratic yet true. It is actually a very basic thing and in fact, some of the people who were present there in that event were like "hey, it should have crossed my mind after having heard Gary Illyes. According to Google's Gary Illyes, "Pornyness" is a ranking factor too. As a matter of fact, Google actually has a classifier for adult content.

A lot of us must have already noticed that Google allows users to filter the adult content and also, it has a different way of treating this sort of content. Hence, it can be an easy factor to capitalize on. However, as Gary Illyes shared this piece of information, a lot of people actually were a little too surprised for nobody actually thought of it before.

Signs of a new change in Google Algorithm

Google seems to be making some changes in its Search Ranking Algorithm. Recently, a lot of Webmasters have experienced a sudden growth in traffic especially from the UK and also, it especially holds true for results displayed by SEO tools such as SERPMetrics, Accuranker, RankRanger, and SEMRush sensor. However, the SEO tool Moz is still not showing such a sudden increase in traffic. Best SEO agency in Singapore always use such tools to tack visitors on your website.

Some people are of the thought that it might have to do something with the holidays in the UK. However, no one could reach a definite reason for this strange behavior of the traffic as of yet. There is a lot of fuss going on among the Webmasters for quite a while now. In fact, a lot of speculations are going on and a lot of people are anticipating a new update in Google Search Ranking Algorithm over a month.

Performance Report in Google Search Console will now show Consolidated Data

Recently, Google has come up with a very important update for all webmasters and as per the update, all the data on Google console's performance based report will show data on the basis of your website's canonical URL. This means all the traffic-related data including that of your AMP will be consolidated to one canonical URL and at the same time, it means the www will comprise your AMP, URL related parameters, etc. You are most likely about to see the performance data of your website change by the last week of March.

Also, we will get about a couple of weeks for comparing the new data with the old data for high transparency. Although there is no denying the fact that even the technically genius people will have a bit less under their control, the change is expected to help people to a large extent. However, a lot of people are worried about the websites that actually have issues with canonical links as things pertaining to this has not been clarified by Google as of yet.

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