Business will continue to find its way as long as people have needs for various services and products.In fact, it is kind of a never ending process. However, it is certainly interesting about the way business has had a major transformation over the past few years from being a mere physical buy and sell activity to an amazing online buy and sell activity. Conventional marketing has turned into Digital Marketing as well. Now, if we travel back in time to the late 90s, things were surelynot this advanced and there are several factors responsible for the incredible development of Digital Marketing. By 2004, things were certainly getting more advanced and innovative. However, the difference was still not much apparent back then. Market and customer base has also big impact of digital and online marketing. All these things has quite evidently affected the SEO Singapore services and its strategies.

Important old time online developments leading to Digital Marketing


Google started on 4th September 1998 with its various internet related services which in turn has helped people in being more innovative and pretty soon, people had begun to use the services of Google to make Marketing more effective. With Gmail and its powerful features, email marketing, gradually got more advanced. With every single addition to the Google services and products, the digital marketing was getting more effective. By now, Google offers bag full of open source Digital Marketing tools like Keyword planner, Google analytics, Google Adwords, Google trends, Google webmaster tools, etc. Google has undoubtedly had a massive contribution in the field of Digital Marketing.

Growth of Social Media

Social Media has had an impressive impact on Digital Marketing as well. When popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. started, it was more like platforms to interact and keep in touch with our friends and relatives. However, soon people realized how powerful these platforms can be in promoting various ideas and reach out more and more people. That was the beginning of social media marketing. With the increase in the number of social media platforms, the social media marketing has got incredibly effective.

Birth of SEO

SEO or the search engine optimization basically is away to find out the most commonly searched keywords in relation to a particular content and then incorporating those keywords in a relevant content to make the content easily visible to the traffic. All though, some people believe that SEO Services started back in 1998, the techniques became more popular in the recent years after having been able to prove its effectiveness to a massive extent. Back in late 90s, conventional marketing was much in use. However, the SEO strategists still did not lose their hope. They carried on with their experiments and something that has really inspired them back then was Google and its internet related services.

Ways in which Digital Marketing can help in boosting a business

Business cannot succeed all alone without the assistance of marketing. However, Digital Marketing has a leading edge over the conventional marketing in several ways and is by far a result oriented approach than conventional marketing. These days, every business has realized the importance of having its presence online. From the point of view of the buyers, they certainly find it much convenient to buy things online as they can now take their time to compare the prices across various websites to buy their desired items at the most competitive price. Perhaps, this is why businesses can now have much higher sales online. However, with constant awareness of online business among the various businesses, it tends to increase the competition. As a matter of fact, the competition level has mounted up massively over the years but Digital Marketing has been consistently helping businesses continue to grow despite the monstrous competition. Basically, Digital Marketing is increasing the traffic for a website. Everything revolves around the traffic. Digital Marketing comprises SEO Marketing, SMM, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, etc. which can effectively accelerate the growth of your business in the shortest possible time.

Important Digital Marketing Categories


SEO or the search engine optimization is an on-page as well as off-page technique of increasing the visibility of a website on the search engines with the help of keywords, relevant contents, link building, etc.


SMM or the social media marketing is a way to introduce the contents of one’s website on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc in such a way that the traffic from those platforms will eventually be directed to that website.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is basically identifying potential customers for a particular service or commodity and sending them promotional mails in such a way that they really care to know more about it and may even care to buy the offered service or product.

PPC Marketing

PPC or the pay per click is a way to buying visits to one’s website by paying the search engines for each click on their ads. The traffic gained through PPC marketing is paid traffic which is quite different from organic traffic. The technique is used for fast optimization.

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