There is no need to tell anyone how important SEO is for success in online marketing. It is one of the most important digital marketing tools that can be the reason for your strength or weakness on the internet. Whether people can find you online or not depends on how much your website is optimized to the requirements of the search engines. Whether you are a company involved in online sales or not, your visibility on the internet is very important for expanding your business and increasing your sales. SEO is not a single activity. It is a set of activities performed on your site to make it more visible to your customers. The aim is to get the search engines to rank you to the top of the search results page.

Why SEO Is Essential For Business?

Irrespective of the size of your business, SEO is very important nowadays because no customer buys anything without searching for it on the internet. Even the search for a local business starts on the internet. Customers first search for their needs nearby on the internet and gather information. If you want these customers to know about your business and buy the product from you, then you must appear on top of the search results. SEO is the way in which you can get your website ranked high by the search engines.

Anyone offering SEO services in Singapore can tell you that various factors affect the ranking of your website on the search results page. Content is the main criterion that affects your website ranking. You must have relevant and updated content on your web pages. You must keep adding new content to keep the users returning to your site. Among the technical factors are your internal links, website design, etc. Two of the other important factors are the speed of loading of the site and its security. Google considers both these very important for ranking your website. This is where your hosting plan plays an important role. Different plans are offering different features that affect your SEO. So, how does your hosting plan affect the ranking of your site on the SERP?

Improving Security Of Your Site

Security is an important concern with most websites. It is becoming more important as more hackers are finding it easy to hack your site. They can steal money from the site or stop the site from working. They can also steal valuable personal data from your customers which is a very lucrative business for hackers nowadays. Your site has to face new malware day after day. Google is well aware of this fact and that is why it gives high importance to the security of your website. Google will never put its users at risk by leading them to a potentially dangerous site. This means that your site will not be ranked high if security is lax.

The best way to secure your site is to get a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for your website. When you have this your site will transmit data only through the secure HTTPS connection. Google normally labels sites that don't use HTTPS as "not secure" and this can be a deterrent for many who may want to visit the site. If your site is labeled as "not secure" you cannot expect people to visit the site. Your SEO agencywill tell you that choosing a hosting provider that offers SSL certificates and site backups is the best way to make your site more secure and get better rankings.

Make Your Site Load Faster

People get frustrated when the website doesn't load fast enough. It has been observed that the site loading speed should be less than 3 seconds on the mobile phone if you don't want people to leave your site without navigating fully. The speed of page loading is directly related to the user experience on the site. This is why Google also gives it a lot of importance. Google doesn't want to recommend sites that will take too long to load and frustrate the use. The main aim of the search engine is to provide an excellent experience to its users. It will not rank a page high unless the page loads very fast.

When the site is being optimized, page loading is one of the factors that will be improved. One of the best ways to increase your page loading speed is to have a dedicated hosting plan. Shared hosting cannot keep up with the traffic and can slow down your site. You can also add a Virtual Private Server to make your site faster.

Reduce Downtime To Improve Ranking

Downtime means the time that the website is not available to the users. This can turn away people from your site. Once a user finds your site to be down, then you can expect the person to come again. This is going to affect your website ranking greatly. You must try to have as much uptime as possible for your site. You must get your SEO company to get a host for your domain. Only the hosting provider can give you better uptime.

You can see how your hosting plan can affect SEO and your ranking on the search results page. Without good ranking, you cannot hope to succeed on the internet.

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