Let's try to understand the massive role that reviews play in making the search strategy incredibly effective and subsequently, influencing Google's trust in your brand to a large extent.

There's absolutely no denying the fact that a lot of businesses have been using fake reviews to tremendously influence the purchasing decisions of the consumers. Also, the customers are influenced to a certain extent though but it doesn't really pay off in the long run. However, the prevalence of fake reviews has a very devastating impact and as a matter of fact, such moves are instead damaging the trust of the consumers to a huge extent. Review sites like Google or Amazon have got completely aware of this problem for quite a while and in fact, they have begun to take the most appropriate steps to identify and eradicate such practices of deceiving the customers.

This is certainly the right time to have an elaborate discussion and determine on what's the most appropriate ethical approach to online reviews going to be like from now on to produce a long-lasting positive impact upon the consumers' perception of your brand. In fact, this is the first best thing to start with for every single business nowadays and that pretty much explains as to what an important role reviews play in business promotion nowadays.

Google's perspective towards building Consumer's trust

According to a recent research conducted in cooperation with the University Of California, Irvine as well as PlacesScout, there is a strong correlation between ratings and search engine performance for local businesses. The study also reveals the secret that with every keyword or location mentioned in the reviews, it enhances the search engine rankings. A lot of businesses have already been benefitted by this.

Google itself had once stated that star ratings in AdWords can enhance click through up to 17% and organic listings with 4-5 stars with rich snippets is usually seen to have a slightly higher click-through rate than listing without stars. The concept has proved to be pretty effective for many businesses over the years.

It's a proven truth that although reviews don't influence the search engine ranking directly; they can enhance the CTR to a large extent which is certainly a great benefit in itself. Most importantly, the user-generated reviews can unimaginably influence the consumers' decision more than any other factor does.

The first big leap

Google has made it incredibly easy for us to get our customers review our services and in fact, this is one of the most important things to start with. The better you do at this, the higher goes the ranking. All you have to do is find your Place ID using the lookup tool provided by Google, put your business name in the "Enter a location" search bar and as the business name appears, click on it to see your Place ID beneath that. Then, copy the Place ID and paste it to the end of the URL:

After you add the Place ID to the URL, you can check the URL in your browser and it should take you to your business search result page with its rate and review.

Sharing this URL with your customers and third-party review sites will most likely enhance your search engine ranking to a massive extent.

This is probably the most organized way to start promoting your business.

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Tactics to pick up more reviews

Here are a few ways to pick up more reviews.

  • Identifying and generating reviews from industry-specific review sites can be pretty effective in winning the trust of your consumers
  • Reviews from trusted bloggers can work like a magic in educating more consumers about your business
  • The way you respond to your reviewers also plays a very important role in creating the best impressions for your consumers. What consumers usually keep looking for is a reliability factor as well as the concern on the part of a business.
  • Contacting the happiest customers and encouraging them to post their review is probably a brilliant thing to do in relation to generating more organic reviews as you can always expect them to have the most amazing views about your service
  • Incorporating social media with the customer support is certainly not a bad idea at all. In fact, it's an amazing way of helping your consumers and showing your concerns towards them. This even increases your chance to get new customers as everything will be visible online in the form of comments almost like reviews
  • When asking for a review, make sure you ask your consumers the most appropriate questions. Irrelevant questions may lead to irritated reviews by the consumers and you don't want that, right? So, before you determine the kind of questions you are going to ask your consumers, have a great anticipation of the consumer's psychology. This actually increases your chance of getting more positive and remarkable reviews


Reviews can be unimaginably effective in elevating your search engine ranking. However, it's important to develop the right perspective towards it and maintain the most organized as well as an ethical approach towards getting more reviews. Fake reviews may seem to work for a while but it's certainly not going to work in the long run and furthermore, the popular review sites have already realized the damage fake reviews have caused over the years which is why technically, there isn't much space for fake reviews any longer. Most importantly, as a businessman, would you not want to see your customers have consistent faith in your brand? Just a bit of carefulness about reviews can undoubtedly create a huge difference for your business in times to come. Reviews may seem to be a very minute aspect but it certainly has a lot to contribute to your business ranking provided that you have the right perspective towards it. Perhaps, that's the reason why Google has been emphasizing so much upon ethical reviews and it certainly pays off.

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