SEO is a set of activities that is done on your website to optimize it to the requirements of the search engines. The SEO company will improve the performance of your website so that it is ranked higher on the search results. Another aim of SEO is to provide a much better experience for the visitors to your website. One of the ways to enhance the experience visitors get on your site is to make it easier for them to navigate through different pages on your site. This is where site structure and internal links become very important.

Understanding The Importance Of Site Structure

Your website contains many pages, a few of which may be related to each other. There may be different content on the same topic. These may be in the form of articles, blog posts, or information on your products. All these pages contain content that will be of interest to the same visitor and he or she must be able to move between these pages easily. That means that these different pages containing related content must be grouped and made easy to access.

The way of arranging these pages is called site structure. It is nothing but a neat arrangement of various pages in your site so that anyone who visits the site can easily find what they want and move between related topics easily. This is not just required by the visitor but also by the search engines. When search engines crawl through your site, it must be easy for them to find all the pages related to the same topic. It is like buildings having a good structure to allow people access to different areas easily. Your SEO services company will check the pages and improve the site structure. Such sites get ranked higher on the search results page.

Keywords Or Topics?

The company offering SEO services in Singapore can help you find the right keywords for your business. Keywords help you in ranking higher on the search results page. They are essential to make sure that search engines can find your websites. You must optimize your content for the right keywords. But keywords cannot make your content completely. You must have a subject for your content and this is what topics are. You cannot build your content around a few words because they will be relevant to a variety of topics.

With topics, it has become easy for you to create the right content. You can have the keywords in the content. But the content itself becomes valuable only when it is built around a topic. Google has also changed the way search works and ensured that importance is given to the topic. This way the user will get what he is looking for, instead of a huge number of contents that can relate to the few words that he or she typed. You can create topics and related topics and link them with good site structure.

Internal Links To Improve IA and SEO

Internal links help connect the different pages on your website. IA in web design refers to information architecture and this is how you will like your visitor to move through your website. IA structure will lead the visitors to the goal that you want them to reach for the benefit of your business. The aim could be to make the visitor contact your company, fill a form, or make a purchase. IA structure will help you lead your visitors through the various topics that you have created. It will also help the search engines to move between the topics. To make an IA structure work, there must be internal links that connect your different pages. The company providing SEO in Singapore will ensure that the links are proper during the SEO process.

Internal links are essential for SEO because they help the search engines to move easily between pages and find out what your website is about. Having internal links will help to improve the optimization for these pages as they are linked to related topics. With internal links, visitors can also move easily between pages and spend more time on the site reading the content. The SEO agency will ensure that there are no broken links because it is important for higher ranking on the search results page which is the main aim of SEO.

Keep Your Site Structure Intact

It is very important to maintain your site structure as made by the digital marketing agency in Singapore because they are very important for search engines to navigate as well as your visitors to move on to your site. Changing the URL of a page or positioning page under a different subdirectory can disturb your SEO. On the contrary, adding breadcrumbs to your pages can be a very useful thing. They will help your users to know where they are on the site and how they can get back to the home page. They will help the visitors move from one page to another without disturbing your site structure.

Maintaining your site structure is very important for SEO. It can be a major factor in helping your other SEO activities achieve their goal. This is why your digital marketing companyensures that you have a proper site structure and get your company to rank higher.

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