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The large-scale migration of people using desktops and laptops to smartphones has changed the way they searched for what they needed. Mobiles are also getting modernized with voice-enabled apps like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Google also has enabled the use of voice commands in both search and its Google Assistant. This means that those who want to use voice for searching can do so with much better ease.

It is much easier to search using your voice because you can have your hands free. If you are in the middle of something and you want to get a piece of information it is very easy talking to your phone to get that for you. All the devices have improved their ability to interpret what we say with advanced machine learning. This means that voice searches can bring better results now than before and this encourages more customers to use that facility.

Voice Search and Search Engine Optimization

The use of voice search is giving a great opportunity for companies to get a higher conversion rate. When a person searches for something using a voice search it is evident that he or she is ready to buy the product or service. They are at least ready to make a commitment or take action towards purchasing the product. Companies must seize the opportunity to capture the moment and make the customer commit to you.

The way to do this is to find out the most suitable keywords which will be used for voice search when searching for your products. If you can find this, then your page can be optimized for these keywords and get the customers to take action at a time when they are ready to buy. Why this is different from a written search is because voice searches are usually made when they are in a hurry to decide on the purchase.

The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

The importance of long-tail keywords is more felt in voice searches. When someone is typing in the search space, they tend to type only the important words to represent what they need. But when they speak to the mobile phone, they tend to use full sentences. This is because there is no extra strain in speaking a long sentence. Moreover, our natural tendency is to speak in complete sentences and this is what will come out when you search using voice.

So, when you are getting your website optimized you should optimize for long-tail keywords which will ensure that you don’t miss out on the voice search customers. Our SEO Company has to find out how people will ask for something when talk and optimize for those keywords. The keywords will be more like normal talking and SEO must be done for these keywords. There is an advantage with optimizing for voice searches. As they are more specific the competition will be much lesser and you have more chance of being ranked higher.

Create Content And Optimize For The Intent

There are many times that when someone searches for something and he gets results which are not relevant. You must know what the searcher wants when he or she types a particular set of keywords. You must then create content for those keywords. It will depend on what you want to optimize the web. You must then find the keywords that the customers will use for this purpose and create content accordingly.

This is all the more important when it comes to voice search because most people who do voice search want quick results and won’t be happy with the wrong results. You must capitalize on the moment and ensure that your website is optimized to exactly what they are searching for. For this, you must first understand your customers very well and know what they mean when they do a voice search.

Voice search allows you to target the top-of-the-funnel customers. Most voice searches are done when someone is trying to do something and wants to know how it is done. You must know what your customers are likely to do with your products and what they are likely to ask directions for. This will help you create useful content for content marketing. This is the best way to create a set of leads that can become your customers soon.

Optimizing For the Right Snippets

The increase in voice search has changed something else too. The way snippets appear have changed with voice search. Google is creating different snippets to match voice searches. There are more queries with snippets in voice search than in typed searches and this has brought up a new challenge to the experts of SEO in Singapore to try and find out the snippets that can appear in a voice search.

You must now create snippets that can match voice searches. They must find out the snippets that match the long-tail keywords used for voice searches and alter their snippet content accordingly. With voice search, we see that the use of "how" and "where" are the most and you must find out the snippets that can match such long-tail keywords which start with these words. The first step to optimizing snippet content is to build a list of keywords that are most popular in voice searches.

Your Website Must Be Responsive On Mobile Too

As voice searches keep increasing there is a need for your website to be equally responsive no the smaller devices as they are on laptops and desktops. More people use mobile phones for voice searches and if they are not able to see your website properly on the small screen they are going to go to your competitor. Your website must give the same experience on all devices and more so on mobile devices with the increase in voice searches.

As voice search is becoming more popular it is getting refined very fast. It is essential that you continuously test and iterate your voice search optimization. This is very important if you want to say ahead of the competition and get your voice search customers. As devices are becoming more capable of identity and converting our speech into text, it is more important that you improve your voice search optimization.

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