What SEO tactics will actually workout and assist you to take control over the SERPs and earn more income in the year 2019?

Given below are the ten vital trends that you require to know in 2019 as per 47 of today’s top SEO professionals.

1. Understand Your Audience & User Intent

What does your audience prefer? Images? Text? Audio? Video?

According to our experts, it will be more important than ever in 2019 to know this.

“You need to perceive what someone is waiting to discover when they question a phrase or word and you should provide them the answer in the most simplest possible way,” said Mindly Weinstein CEO of Market Mindshift.

The president of AJPR named as Motoko Hunt has agreed that the tastes, preferences, and interests of your customer can alter more quickly than you ever predict.

Hunt said, “even if your website content is optimized and written perfectly and if it is undertaken for an incorrect audience, it will not develop or flourish the business.”

Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers, Tomorrow’s high-ranking website depends upon the audience.

McCoy said, “If your website increases your audience visit, Google will reward you and your audience will spend money on you."

The SEO specialist and director of operations for named as Jesse McDonald said, “This is mainly significant as rankings have been going up and down in the past year to assist set the semantic aim of a user’s search question.

“Content specialists and SEOs will find it more complicated than ever to concentrate highly on the user aim of the keywords they are focusing while making content,” McDonald said.

The senior director of digital marketing at KoMarketing namely Casie Gillette has also observed Google’s transition in keyword aim.

Gillette said, “It is important to think more about the channel and where we actually need to spend our valuable time.” “Do I need to invest money and time attempting to have highest rankings or else should I transit my focus more on the channels, where consumers are more likely to be fascinated and knowledgeable in what I am selling?”

In order to adjust with this change in 2019, you might have to make a change in the way you have been carrying out your keyword research, said Chuck Price, founder of Measurable SEO.

“While doing research of the keyword in 2019, it is better to verify the SERPs to check if websites like yours are getting ranked for a targeted phrase,” Price said. If you see the top SERPs are loaded with review sites or directories and your site is not one among them, then go to another phrase.”

Now it is time to pause matching keyword phrases and start ensuring that your content clearly answers queries your consumer is asking through search, said

“We should take our content a step ahead perfectly by foreseeing and answering follow-up queries they might have once they get the answer to their first question,” Knauff said.

2. Go beyond Google Search

Can Apple and Amazon interrupt Google’s search dominance? Director of SEO and growth for SurveyMonkey namely Eli Schwartz believes so.

According to me, in 2019, SEO will not only be about how to make the best for Google but also we will need to consider these other ‘engines’ as well,” Schwartz said.

As Cindy Krum who is a CEO of MobileMoxie marked out that SEO is all about exhibiting where and how individuals are searching and not just receiving the initial blue link. Thus you should also learn how to create engagement for things and drive traffic besides just websites.

“If the people are looking for apps, you require to rank in app stores. What if they are looking for videos or podcasts, then you require to rank where customers look for such things,” Krum said. “Strong companies are ranking beyond just websites hence they are becoming multi-sided. This should be the same with the strong SEOs."

The international digital director for Ringier AG named as Jes Scholz said that she also foresees the opportunity of SEO extending to include visibility on other areas.

“Think to rank number one in the SERPs rather than just driving customers to your website,” Scholz said. “How can you achieve visibility for your conversational interfaces and content in featured snippets along with content aggregators, hosted articles, and other such scopes to make sure that your company stretches out to your targeted audience?"

You must at least think to make the best use of devices in the year 2019, said by Kristine Schachinger who is an SEO consultant as well as digital strategist.

Schachinger said that the one with products which can be sold out can gain from the subjection and also being rearranged for audio-only devices or home assistant cannot be neglected.

Finally, for all of these require the great content on the quickest areas to reach the users coming from different corners of the world, said by Keith Goode who is IBM’s senior SEO strategist with security intelligence.

“The whole search experience will depend upon the control and expertise of our domain and also, our aim is not just to trigger the traffic,” that what is said by Goode. It is to make sure that we have got successful in making the most effective use of that search experience even if it is app-based or web-based or next technology-based in order to make the most engaging and efficient interaction of the consumer’s needs and the website’s contribution possible.”

3. Structured Data Markup Is Key

Try to utilize arranged data whenever possible, said Marcus Tandler who is a co-founder and managing director of Ryte.

“As AI is getting so vital for Google, arranged data is equally getting more important as well,” said Tandler. “Arranged data is the key for Google to shift from a mobile-first to an AI-first world. There is no meaning to consider how good your AI is if it takes a longer time to move on the required data and it will never be good. AI needs quick processing of contents and their association with each other."

JP Sherman who is an expert of findability and enterprise search at Red Hat said that you should begin perceiving about arranged data, passive and active behaviors, schema, and in what way they can join to behaviors that signal intent so that the search behavior becomes a huge effort of find ability.

“Contextual connections between behaviors and topics that are supported by arranged markup is the censorious trend we should start perceiving, verifying, and applying for 2019,” said Sherman. “With the use of metadata, information architecture, tags, and more recently, arranged markup, we have the capability to provide signals of search engines to know this supportive and topical content structure better.”

Moreover, SEO product owner of Arrow Electronics, Jamie Alberico said that you should use your existing content to maximum advantage by combining fact check and speakable arranged markup data. These markups are the solution that links between the screenless future and factual reality.

And, the tip added by Bill Slawski who is a director of SEO research at Go Fish Digital given below:

“[Use] and [Understand] proper schema vocabulary on pages for events, products, same as social and entity associations, offers, organizational information, speakable content, contact information, and ratings.”

4. Create Exceptional Content

The updates of Google algorithm revealed in 2018 that Google is boosting its concentration on assessing the quality of the content and at the breadth and depth of a website’s content, said by Eric Enge, the general manager of Proficient Digital.

“We recorded the performance of SEO of numerous websites,” said Enge. “The websites that offered unique depth in content quality coverage risen in rankings all over the year in a literal manner. The websites with weaker content depth hurt as compared to that.”

Enge is expecting to view the trend of Google rewarding websites that offer the superb in-depth experiences ongoing in the year 2019.

Enge added, "Google was frequently processing their algorithms in this platform throughout the year, and I had a belief that there is yet a lot more processing for them to undertake.”

It means if you are making content just to allow your blog to live that will not be sufficient any longer, digital marketing consultant, Alexandra Tachalova said.

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Tachalova said, “The problem with this content is that it is not better to obtain links, hence there is a less chance that it will be ranked by Google.” “Think two times before posting such articles that won’t pay off. It is better to go with one post per month which is distributed properly than posting several which will get only a few visits."

The thing you should do is to make content that solves an issue - content that motivates, moves, and joins with people, said by Matt Siltala, president of Avalaunch Media.

"The way to win is to answer a query, receive a lead, form a sale, assist with SEO which is link building, social proof or community building purposes, reputation management with a material of content, " said Siltala. "Research and make the solution to the issue that customer has, and offer something that is intended for folks versus attempting to ‘SEO' and in that way you will always make better with your efforts."

I anticipate to look for the highness of content quality soar in 2019, said by Shelley Walsh, director of ShellShock.

“Content tactic in SEO does mean just to answer a question and receive visitors to the page rather it should also utilize language to attract the customer and guide them equally to the next action,” said Walsh. “There are yet so far many pages working well in their way. The additional use of experience maps and content maps will help in this.”

5. Increase Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness

Starting and increasing your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness which can be called as E-A-T in short in guidelines of Google's search quality rating would be another crucial trend in the year 2019.

“Even the E-A-T instructions are written for the raters of Google’s algorithm and not for the Google’s algorithm itself, it assists us to perceive where Google is leading in the short term,” founder of DHJ Ventures, Dixon Jones said. “According to me, this would help SEOs to know better that context brings the ‘quality’. You cannot enable your authoritative content rank very easily except you become a mastery on a given topic.”

You should think about promotion and content distribution from a viewpoint of reputation, said Grant Simmons, VP of search marketing at

Rent experts to author, advantage information from familiar entities, and make sure about credentials and also, credit is provided to both with proper empathy to the company promoted,” said Simmons. “How can you receive more from your employees to speak, write, and blog? How effective can be your source for journalists throughout your main subject expertise? As that type of expertise is what Google is expecting to produce their results.”

Bing also desires to reward E-A-T like Google.

“The prime aim of our raking team is to create an algorithm that will rank contents in the similar way as humans will as they are the one who follows the instructions,” said by Microsoft’s senior program manager, Search & AI namely Frederic Dubut. “You can do this at the extent of the internet by discovering your ranking algorithm as greatly as possible. You can anticipate our main ranking algorithm to get nearer to that perfect search product visual that we embrace internally and which we attempt to catch in our own instructions as it has been turned out that modern machine learning is quite good at discovering.”

6. Invest in Technical SEO

Websites will carry on with growing in difficulty every year which makes technical SEO the main platform of investment in the year 2019 and beyond.

Few basic areas of attention on the technical facet of SEO would be: Speed: “Websites would ultimately begin to become faster and simpler as SEOs find that Google is gratifying websites more than once contemplated of [first meaningful paint] speed,” as per Jon Henshaw, founder of Coywolf Marketing and senior SEO analyst at CBS Interactive.
● JavaScript: You will experience even more of the websites in New Year will be highly JavaScript driven (probably one of the huge frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.js). It means now it is time to get aware yourself with at least a small portion of JavaScript, and in what way the chief search engines act greatly with JavaScript-driven sites," said by the director of strategy and innovation for Catalyst, Paul Shapiro.
● Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): "In 2019, you should start considering how your site can survive on as a PWA in the time to come. How could your PWA be a keepable encounter that your customers would desire to keep on their home screen?” Tandler said.

7. Win with On-page Optimization

In 2019, on-page optimization will keep on to be vital, CEO and founder of WrightIMC, Tony Wright said.

“We are yet discerning unbelievable outcomes from on-page SEO strategies for a lot of firms that present in the door,” said Wright. “Even links are yet so important but it is the largest boom for most of the companies’ SEO bucks is continuing on-page optimization as on-page SEO is not a strategy which should be neglected.”

Some key website optimizations are shared by Alexis Sanders, technical SEO manager at Merkle:
● An article that reacts to the questions of the common user.
● Making sure that the internal search of the website is producing proper results.
● Compressing conversion procedure.
● Make sure that repeat users can simply stock commonly purchased products again.
● Customer support replies to queries associated with the business.
● Contemplate the utilization of chatbots to reduce the load for fundamental, common queries, and procedural works.
● Customers can easily steer to physical places.
● Tailoring customers with their level in a satisfactory channel (consider: process, visual, and clear forms).

8. Get Ready for Voice Search

The previous decade, "the era of mobile" became a type of flowing joke. The experts estimated every year that this ultimately would be the era of mobile in the coming years until hype ultimately complemented with the reality around 2015.

Well, the year of voice search is this? Not absolute once again.

As Wright said it:

“In my view, the “juice does not worth the crush” still for many companies when it is about exhibiting in voice questions,” said Wright. “But I think most of the companies will contemplate about voice optimization tactic in the coming year. As I told the previous year, voice search is upcoming and it is yet not quite there."

In spite of the fact that voice search got more attention in 2018, voice search is just a matter of a huge transit from particular “answers” and “results” as a component of a lengthier “conversational search journey.” said by Aleyda Solis who is an international SEO consultant and founder of Orainti.

“This will only attain additional importance and fame in 2019 and the transit has already begun,” said Solis. “Even voice may be the simplest means to ask answers in some situations, it is surely not the right format to accomplish the intent in more complicated answers (e.g., when comparing products or services).”

Michael Bonfils who is a managing director of SEM International very well said that for multilingual and multinational websites, voice search is a game changer.

“Optimistically, promoters will discern in 2019 that the efficient utilization of voice response cannot be undertaken by translators whether it is human or machine. The use of voice differs from nation to nation, dialect to dialect, region to region, social class to social class, etc.,” said Bonfils.

9. Watch Machine Learning

Machine learning is going to blow in 2019, said by Dave Davies who is a CEO of Beanstalk Internet Marketing.

We have not actually come across the true potential of what machine learning can be even if we have seen it in search with Google news groupings, RankBrain, etc. It will change in this year,” said Davies. “We can find the preparation task coming with few of the layout alterations what the search engines are shoving out and their desire to answer intents in place of queries. This is the origin of the impact of machine learning on search.

Jenn Mathews of Jenn Mathews Consulting said that however machine learning would not be just watching on Google and the search engines.

“Brands require implementing machine learning to create unique content for SEO which starts with a package of information on the basis of specific variables,” said Mathews. “Machine learning joined with the requirement for reporting and analysis as verifying new tactics and its adoption is important to understand successes and failures.”

10. Optimize for Featured Snippets & Other Google SERP Features

Despite optimizing for your personal website, you should also enhance the Google search experience in 2019.

Lan Lurie who is a founder and CEO of Portent said that carousels, answer boxes, the knowledgeable graph, recipes, and who-knows-what-else will take even a huge bite from organic traffic which makes SEO even more vital as subjection is all about visibility in the SERPs as it is about clicks.”

It simply means enhancing for featured snippets (position zero, a.k.a.) and various other search features of Google which will carry on to be a crucial trend and more significant than ever in the year 2019.

Senior director of SEO at Vertical Measures, Jim Bader said, “We have been able to gain a lot of answer boxes for our personal site and client sites." "Whenever it occurs, it ends up with an important spike in natural traffic.”

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