Understanding the meaning of a custom software development

Software can be mainly classified into two types; the commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) and the Custom software. While (COTS) is basically software developed for meeting the requirements of a target group of users and it often needs marketing and promotion to reach more target users. An example of (COTS) is Microsoft Office.

Custom Software is build to fulfill the requirement of a specific user. The process of Custom Software Development involves many steps. One of the most important steps, of course, is comprehending the exact requirement of a client.

This is followed by designing, building, testing, deployment and most importantly, monitoring its performances as well as fixing the bugs. An example of Custom Software can be customized accounting software or a customized CRM.

Steps involved in Custom Software Development

You can either have Custom software developed by an in-house team of developers or you can outsource the task to a third party software development agency. However, the process of Custom Software Development is pretty much the same for both. Here are the steps involved:

Gathering information

This is certainly a very crucial step for any software developer since nothing could go right unless one is clear with the exact requirement of the user. Apart from allowing the user enough space to describe one's requirement, it is also important for a developer to ask a few more important questions to ensure that nothing is left out and every bit of the user's requirement can be perfectly addressed by the software.

Designing and planning

Once all the essential information pertaining to the user's requirement is gathered, the developer or a development agency would then strive to create the most salient software design to address the requirement of the user based on the gathered information.


This phase comprises giving the design a perfect framework through coding. However, as a developer, one must strive to keep the coding as clean and lite as possible. This will not only help one a decent piece of software but also, it can be pretty helpful later if it ever comes to fixing bugs.


No matter how confident a developer is in relation to the software that one has created, things can go terribly wrong without proper testing. Also, one may need to test one's software more than once to be perfectly sure that it is going to work as just expected.


This is as important as the first step and has to be very meticulously done from deploying the software to training the user or a group of users on how to use the software.

Monitoring and bug fixing

Support is another important aspect of software development. There can be a lot of bugs experienced with a certain piece of software by a user. This is a pretty common thing but what is most important on the part of a software development company is the fact that one should offer brilliant support and should be easily reachable to the users to help them break out of every issue they face with a certain piece of software. This may take hours of deep monitoring and bug fixing sometimes.

How is Custom Software Development in Singapore?

Over the years, many good software development agencies have come up and most of these agencies had a brilliant journey so far. With more and more exceptionally competent Software Development companies coming up in Singapore, business as a whole has found amazing support. Businesses can now easily find the right software for their different task-operations.

This has eventually improved the overall productivity of many organizations over the years. Another salient thing about these software development companies is the fact that most of these companies are striving to offer their products and services at the most competitive pricing.

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