In the mid of July, 2019, there is a massive downfall seen for Discover Pages of Bing at Google Index. At present, Discover Pages are out of search results of Google, which has shown a substantial decrement in daily traffic and page views of Bing website at Google search. By doing so, there are many drawbacks seen in the online reputation and visibility of Bing website that is also being acknowledged by the daily visitors of Bing. Most of them have given surprising feedback on sudden drop of rating of Discover Pages of Bing as well. After some time, those pages went out from Google search index that was again embracing news for Bing users. All in all, Bing website is losing its credits online due to some legal actions taken by the Google.

Here are some significant reasons, which are responsible for dropping Discover Pages of Bing at Google index such as:

1. Massive Traffic Lose from Bing Website


In Aril, 2019, Bing was using Google search to generate enough traffic on its pages. This was also cleared in the “Bing piggybacks” on the low competition of Google’s image search that resulted good to have massive amount of organic traffic on the Bing website. But after a few months, when Google dropped its Discover Pages, the website has lost its reputation and page views at Google index that is a huge setback to the portal and is bad news for Bing users too. Thus, the low traffic on Bing is also responsible for downgrade of Bing’s worth over Google.

2. Not Following Google’s Guidelines

According to the Google’s guidelines, “webmasters should use robots.txt file on web server to manage pages crawling at Google index and maintain required space on search results to acquire”. So, it was a clear indication of Google that it’s not going not crawl the search results, which are not following its guidelines properly. However, the Discover Pages of Bing were lacking in the performance over Google search index due to not following Google’s guidelines to some extent. This is the reason why Google has been ruled out the Bing website and its Discover pages from its search results.

3. Google and Bing Comments

Bing has said that, Google would not send us any comment or feedback on the issue, but Microsoft has commented that there are some changes made by Google that they cannot disclose on behalf of them to anyone. In addition, Microsoft commented that they are not going to make any necessary changes to Bing Discover Pages that will lead to degrade its ranking over Google index. But, still there is a chance that Microsoft will do significant changes once Google will rule out the Bing Discover Pages from its index or search results. This is the reason, which is recognized by the Bing users as well as other IT giants in the industry to downgrade reputation of Bing online.

4. Google Don’t Care Off Anything

Having said, “Google is not going to entertain anyone who will breach Google’s guidelines, whether it is a big or small organization you have”. Eventually, Google will take action against those who will not follow rules of the giant properly. It is exactly the same going to happen with Bing website, which has to face the repercussions of rule violation. As a result, Bing may lose massive traffic, page views, and users online on its site.

Hence, it is recommended using Google’s guidelines properly in order to secure your website from unwanted penalization by Google at its index as well as search results. Thus, it is a clear message to all online portals to keep eyes on regular updates of Google regarding search engine rules and take care of technical and functional strength service pages, which you want to lead over Google searches to attain high ranking and traffic on a daily basis. This also applied in Singapore and resulted in high traffic loss from Bing in Singapore as well. SEO Singapore agencies took lesson from this and removed unnecessary search pages from XML sitemaps.

Thus, above are some noteworthy reasons, which have influenced the online reputation as well as lowering of Discover section of Bing website at Google index and its search results too. Thus, it is also suggested to the other websites to do proper follow up of Google’s guidelines to keep crawling their pages over Google searches and increase their ranking at first page of Google index too.

For more details and reasons of sudden downfall of Bing’s Discover Pages at Google index, you should read the articles written by many search engine editors and writers over the web. For instance, you can check out articles of “Barry Schwartz”, who is an expert writer and News editor of search engine’s latest news and articles. He also owns a consulting firm based in New York (NY). Moreover, he also runs an online search blog website named “Search Engine Roundtable” that provides the latest news and updates of Google search or SME topics for readers.

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