29 MAY

Now, new sites will, by default have Mobile-first indexing

If you are a bit worried about the Mobile-first indexing (MFI) of your new website, here is something for you to feel happy about. From July 1, 2019, onward, every new website will have MFI enabled by default and as per Google, the reason behind this is sites that are new are usually pretty much ready for MFI. This will certainly make things a lot convenient and less technical for the new websites' owner.

However, this is not going to create any difference for the old sites and they can continue in the same manner. This means Google will wait until these sites are ready for MFI and that will be decided on the basis of the content parity which may include texts, images, videos, and links.

Apart from content parity, Google will look for structured data and various Meta Data as essential indicators for MFI readiness such sites. Also, Google will notify the owners of old sites on Search console once it finds their websites ready for MFI. For anyone with a new site to publish can make sure of these factors as well before publishing one's website.

This does not hold true for the sites that are new as MFI is going to be enabled by default for sites that are new after July 1. However, Google suggested that new websites must strive to come up with responsive designs only.


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