Business Application Services and Solution

Business Application

Every business is now relying on various applications to modernize and smooth the progress of their business operation and the relationship with their employees and customers. Good integrated applications ensure the right outcome and carry on your business running effectively and efficiently.

On the other hand, the higher fee of the business application procedure and support is the main problem that companies usually face at the time of development of high-quality applications. BThrust, with its knowledge and experience, helps business in developing customized applications which best matched for their businesses. We are constantly advancing our customer’s applications to make sure that they are optimized for today and adjustable for the business desires of tomorrow, through IT support services to take full advantage of the benefits in terms of operations though keeping the cost low with no compromise in quality and services.

We avail you with wide range of quality business application services that includes business application consultancy, application performance testing and application packaging.

Application Testing Services

Testing expert of BThrust knows how to deal with the application testing challenges and importance of testing venture applications. Utmost concern is taken while designing exclusive application test strategies for testing project solutions catering to precise domains.

Our software security consultants can help you reduce security risk and development cost and comply with application security requirements. Leveraging on security best practices guide you in finding and removing exploitable vulnerabilities in applications and source code-or preventing their introduction in the first place-making your applications immune to attack even if intruders get past your perimeter defenses. Application testing services in Singapore protects your business from financial loss, business disruption, brand damage, and regulatory compliance violations.

BThrust facilitates companies convert testing into constant and competent quality engineering to give a new way to their company, the path of digital future.

Application Packaging Services

BThrust provides a wide range of application package services, by testing every single package. We let you know about the details on every application package like what is in the process, which package has been out for customer testing and what package has been accepted.

We offer you a wide range of choices for application packaging and deployment of the application. BThrust application packaging services reduce the time needed to configure and manage the applications across your Desktop estate, and guarantees your applications will be configured correctly and work as you expect.