Most Popular SEO Trends and Their Future

To be successful with your business and eCommerce website, you would have to follow the top trends in 2019. Gone are the days when you can rely just on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) and social media. You should start thinking and working towards the next level marketing with the help of SEO services to better organize your business and website.

The major online players implement current trends to secure future business for their organization. If you cannot keep up with the top trends of 2019, you would be out of the game even before you realize it.

There would be no point ruing the fact that it leaves you behind when you do not follow the top SEO trends in 2019. Upgrading, updating and playing fair constantly to be better than your existing competition is what you should strive to do. This would help you stay on top of SEO listings and rankings for longer durations than before.

The future looks bright for business owners and people who have embedded the top trends into their marketing efforts and strategies. Considering using a list of trends that you can choose to follow and have available for your customers. You should know that there is no special effort required from your part apart from keeping up with the latest technological advances towards internet marketing. In case you have not made the changes towards current marketing trends, it is high time you do so to be in the race for SEO efforts and marketing.

Being aware of the top trends just requires you to keep yourself up to date with the day-to-day things that happen online. This would not just increase your knowledge base towards SEO but also help you overcome the SEO hurdles that you might have been facing in 2019.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) with SEO Singapore


Regardless of whatever was going on in the past, come to terms with the fact that AI is gaining at a fast pace with SEO services. It is said that AI would play a major part in how SEO works. Your business should be machine learning ready to embrace what AI offers. Personalized experience combined with AI would provide users better ways to find what they are looking for on the Internet.

If they design your SEO tactics towards AI, the results would follow shortly for your business. Searching and browsing on the internet would shape up differently with the use of AI which is something your business would have to adapt to and do it as fast as possible.

Google uses a machine-learning artificial intelligence system called “RankBrain” to help sort through its search results. This algorithm improves itself and next time provides more relevant search results. Read the full SearchEngineLand article for more insights.

Visual Searching to Find Information with SEO Services

SEO for Images

The new concept of searching for information would be by using voice commands resulting in image results. Just viewing a picture on a handheld device and clicking to search would give them results in 2019 from where they can make purchases of the same. This would be one of the SEO services offered by major providers in the industry which you must know. Image results converted to image or visual searching are likely to happen in the year 2019 for which your business would have to be ready for.

Voice Search with SEO Singapore Keywords

Voice Search Stats - SEO Image Source:

A day would come in 2019, where you use voice commands to search instead of typing away keywords on a search engine. It should not surprise you as you should be ready for it with SEO Singapore keywords optimized for voice search options. This would further enhance how your business operates in the year 2019.

Importance of Voice Search Optimization and How to do it.

Importance of HTTPs with SEO Services and Results

HTTP warning

More prominence is being put into HTTPs related search results on Google ever since July 2018. Search results with HTTP websites have been not secure by Google hence its importance has gone down to a considerable level. Having an HTTPs would be important for security and rank better on Google for the future of SEO Singapore search results.

Credibility, better rankings, and high-level security are what you get with SSL certificates, which would remain the same with HTTPs enabled sites on Google. A basic SSL certificate is the least your business should aim at having to ensure that you rank better and stop from falling away on rankings on Google.

Display of Important and Relevant Information with an SEO company

Having good keywords strength and ideal placement of keywords were good enough to rank websites better on Google. However, in 2019, this would significantly change towards the important and relevant content being displayed on your website. You should talk with your SEO company to ensure that they revise the content not just by keywords or its strength but the importance of information.

Results that contain relevant information to what users search for would-be ranked and optimized better with Google. So, updating your content would be ideal to ensure that you are not too far behind with irrelevant information on your website.

User Experience (UX) with SEO Singapore

SEO Optimization vs UX Image Source:

The experience of the user or the UX would gain more prominence in the year 2019 according to research and analysis by experts. Personalized search results that are user-centric would get better rankings with Google. So, if your website can give a superior experience to its customers, it set the rankings to go higher for your domain soon. This is ideally done with the SEO Singapore firm that you have hired for their services.

Video-Based Content with SEO Services

Google Love Rich Media

The prominence of video-based content from SEO services would balloon in 2019 when compared to previous years. Websites that have informative videos useful to users would command better rankings on Google. They say this to be better than just pictures, audio clips or simple text that is already available on your website.

More on Video Marketing

Opting for a Mobile-First SEO Singapore Service

Mobile-First SEO Singapore

Smart phones, handheld devices, and other similar devices have gained popularity when compared to the traditional use of laptops and desktop computers. More people use mobile and handheld devices to look for what they need on the Internet. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you can deem the SEO services that you use as useless.

If you can follow the mobile-first strategy, your business would get the results from more users in the days to come in 2019.

Check your website’s Mobile Friendliness on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Impact of Social Media with SEO Services Combined

Impact of Social Media with SEO Services Combined

It should thrill you with the possibility of social media helping rankings with other SEO services in 2019. Consider this a real possibility for most of the websites and they have already started implementing and integrating relevant content with social media platforms.

Combining your marketing efforts, relevant content and embedding on social media would help to rate, ranking, and effectiveness of your website in 2019 with no doubts at all.

Content is King Factor that Affects SEO Singapore Rankings

Despite all the changes and trends in the year, 2019 content would continue to be the king for Search Engine rankings. Websites that do not have the proper, relevant, informative, subjective, and unique content would fall apart in the year 2019. Updated information is what would get you the desired results with proper citation of your website and having it indexed appropriately.

If your business can follow these top ten SEO trends, then you can be sure of a place in the top search results of Google. This gives more trust for the customers who visit your website and allows them to depend on your site. In case they lose the trust factor your website would come down faster than it went up with Google rankings and ratings. So, always ensure prominence for customer experience with your website, which can help you go a long way in staying with the competition and beating it.

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